Best Garden Play Toys For Toddlers (Ages 2 to 6)

Liberty Imports Pull Along Garden Wagon and Gardening Tools Toy Play

Getting your kids garden play tools is a great idea. The key is to get them good equipment that will allow them to imitate real garden tasks.

Kids learn from play. Before you know it, your 5-year-olds is helping you out in the garden. Even if that is not happening anytime soon, check out these awesome garden play equipment designed for 2 to 6-year-olds.

G & F Products JustForKids Garden Tool Set

G & F 10012 JustForKids Kids Garden Tools Set with Tote


G & F kid-sized garden tool set comprises of sturdy and quality equipment, solidly made with heavy duty metal and are screwed into nicely finished hardwood handles.

The set includes a shovel, rake, hoe and a leaf rake, of which all are in appealing fun colours and have no sharp edges.

All the tools come with a plastic safety cap that has a hook hole for easy hanging but more importantly, the smooth finish in addition to the round caps prevent injury to your little ones.

Kids are to be monitored while using this equipment as they can be overzealous. The tools are realistic and with the right amount of care, they should last for years.


INOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools

INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools, Garden Tool Set for Kids


These are genuine hard tools that come in cheery colours your kids will love. The set includes a kid-sized hand trowel, shovel, rake and watering can; they are all lightweight metal tools that have smooth quick-to-clean plastic handles.

The gardening gloves and the cute little carrier tote bag that also comes with the set, are made of nice quality fabric. The tote bag has lots of pockets and compartments in which all the tools can be kept after use and also the tote bag can be used to harvest produce or flowers from the garden.

The tools all have rounded edges and are not cheaply made so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or not lasting for long.

Liberty Imports Garden Wagon & Tools Toy Set For Kids

Liberty Imports Pull Along Garden Wagon and Gardening Tools Toy Play


Liberty Imports Garden Wagon tool set for kids includes 8 different gardening tools: 3 rakes (small, medium, and large), garden scissors, hand shovel, hand fork, garden hoe, and weeder.

It also features 4 flower pots, water pails, water spray bottle, and a portable pull wagon. They are all made with superior quality materials which guarantees their durability. As they are made of plastic, the tools may not hold up well in wet or firm ground but are more suitable for soft dirt or sand.

The wagon has to be handled with care because its wheel can pop off anytime but it is easy enough to pop it back in.

Born Toys Kids Gardening Set

Born Toys Kids Gardening Tool Set


The gardening set features fun garden tools, an apron with pockets, a hat, a real water sprayer, kid shovel, kid gardening gloves and a garden bag.

The apron, gloves and bag are only hand-washable and are also pretty easy to clean up. The apron and hat can be used for dress-up or as a costume. The tools are all made with real metal and are connected to sturdy wooden handles.

Also, the tools may appear smaller than expected and the screws keeping the tools together may get loose while gardening so you will have to be on the lookout for that. Asides those, they are of good quality and are perfect sized for little hands.

Taylor Toy Children Gardening Tool Set

Taylor Toy Kids Blue Gardening Set, Outdoor Toys


Taylor toy children gardening tool set includes a toy shovel, gloves, a watering can, a gardening fork and a bag.

Each tool of this set is quality made with wooden handles and metal heads. The wooden handles ensures easy use while the quality metal heads of the tools ensure long-lasting time.

The handles are very strong and all edges of the tools are rounded to make them safe for kids. The watering can tends to leak and the tools are likely to be wobbly on the handles so you will have to watch out for those and also make sure your kids do not play roughly with it.

The tools are brightly painted, though some of the paint is likely to chip off.

Little Gardener Tool Set with Garden Tools

Kids Gardening Tool Set – Gardening Tools Kit


With this colourful and exciting garden tool set, you don’t need to watch over the little children and worry about them getting hurt, because these garden tools are entirely safe for children.

The set includes a canvas tote, shovel, rake, gardening fork, watering can and 2 kid-sized gloves; all the tools are made with wooden handles and quality metal heads.

The tote bag features several pockets for keeping the tools organized and in place, without making a mess; it is also lightweight and convenient for children to carry with themselves while gardening.

The gloves may be disappointing as they are not made of very good material and note that you have to monitor your kids using the tools because of the danger of them choking on the smaller parts.

Advanced Play Fairy Garden Kit

Advanced Play Garden Set contains everything necessary to plant a tiny garden and watch it take shape.

It features fun garden accessories such as a shovel, trowel, garden rake, water can, 2 flowerpots, 2 soils, a toadstool and a packet of 5 magical seed mix that germinate easily.

The tools are made in perfect sizes for little hands and comes with detailed planting instructions except for instructions on how to set the kit up and information about the lights and music in the roof.

Although, once the set is put together, the base and main part are pretty sturdy, and it won’t drip out since the bottom ring does not have any holes.

This garden play kit is a reusable cottage garden toy for continuous growing fun but note that it does not come with a fairy.

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