The Best Outdoor Play Equipment for 10 Year Olds

The Best Outdoor Play Equipment for 10 Year Olds

Outdoor play activities are necessary in the growing phase of every child. Such activities are educating and entertaining to children as they become familiar with their surroundings.

Getting the right outdoor play structure to equip your 10-year-old child and keep them busy outdoors, may seem quite difficult. This is because at that age, play tools tend to bore them easily. Though if you look well enough, you will find just the perfect one.

You don’t have to worry about which will work fine, we’ve already done that for you. We have compiled a list of 7 outdoor play equipment that will keep your 10-year-old busy and enraptured for hours.

Here we go…

Adventure Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit

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The outdoor explorer kit from adventure kids features 7 pieces of high-quality, fun items including binoculars, hand-crank LED flashlight, compass, butterfly net, magnifying glass, hat and a backpack.

The binoculars have X5 magnification with rubber eye pads which protects your kids eyes. There is also a neck string attached to the binoculars.

With the compass, your kids become familiar with the theory of direction, without needing your assistance. The LED flashlight does not require batteries as it is rechargeable.

Kids can have fun with the butterfly net by using it to catch insects and checking them out closely with the magnifying glass. The hat is designed to protect your kid from the glare of the sun as they explore the outdoors.

The kit is lightweight and easy to carry about inside the backpack and when not in use, the items can be left in the backpack till the next play time.

Pindaloo Juggling Skill Toy

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This outdoor play equipment is perfect for reducing your child’s screen time and challenging their mental abilities. Pindalooo Juggling Skill Toy is a u-shaped tube which is used to shoot a pindaloo ball from one side of the tube and caught with the other side.

In addition to the tube itself, the toy also comes with two pindaloo balls and these balls can be kept inside the tube after playtime. This keeps the balls safe as the tube has lids to prevent the balls from rolling out, when not in use. This is a great form of exercise and it will definitely build agility in your kids.

It can be used not only indoors but outdoors as well.

Using this playset improves hand-eye coordination, attention, focus and motor skills. Like they say, “Practice makes perfect”; this toy is not quite easy to master but constant practice with the juggler makes your kid a pro in no time.

AOKESI Floating Soccer Ball

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Expertly designed to entertain, exercise and build relationships through multiplayer games.

With this outdoor play equipment, your child can build a soccer or hockey field at home or in the backyard, and have a fun game time with family and/or friends.

It includes a USB hover soccer ball set that is unisex and can super glide without causing any harm to your kid’s foot or furniture due to its super soft foam bumper.

The set also comes with a little inflating pump that is used to inflate the ball before use. There are two goal posts included which are quite easy to set up.

The ball is made of high quality plastic that can last for a long time. It can float on any smooth surface without flipping over plus it has 4 flashing glow-in-the-dark lights.

It is safe to use in the environment and does not require batteries to function.

HISTOYE Laser Tag Sets

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HISTOYE Laser Tag Sets feature 4 laser guns, 4 vests, 1 screwdriver and 1 instructional manual. Batteries are needed to operate the guns and the vests but they are not included in the set.

The batteries need for the guns are 4 x AA 1.5V batteries, while for the vests are 3 x AA 1.5V batteries.

The different coloured guns included in the set are a single shot, a shot gun, a machine gun and a rocket. The laser guns light up and vibrate while shooting and they can shoot as far as 130 feet.

Each of the guns have different ranges of life bars, available shot and sound features that are just amazing. It is best played with a team but can also be used in solitary.

IPLAY ILEARN 2 In 1 Baseball And Tennis Set

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This 2 in 1 baseball and tennis set offers the fun of baseball and tennis for young players.

The featured 2 in 1 pitching machine works for both baseball and tennis. In addition, the set includes a baseball bat, tennis racket and 6 PP balls. Batteries are not included in the set.

The pitching machine has two modes, they are; auto mode and remote control (RC) mode.

The remote control mode is controlled by the baseball bat while in the auto mode, the tennis racket and baseball bat are controlled. Note that you can only get the tennis racket in auto mode.

Furthermore, balls pitch at the rate of 5 seconds to 7 seconds in auto mode. There is a self-regulating jam protection that is built into the playset, this controls and corrects the overloading of balls.

You may need to monitor your child as they use this so as to prevent unforseen accidents.

Meland Kids Camping Set

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Meland Kids Camping Set is made up of 24 pieces of play tools including adjustable binoculars, watch band, whistle, flashlight, thermometer, compass, play tent, oil lamp, gas stove, magnifier, water bottle, collapsible pretend camping utensils and a cooking pan with pretend foods.

The pop up play tent is compact, does not take up too much room plus it can accommodate up to two kids.

It can be used both in the house and outdoors. The gas stove, oil lamp, watch band and flashlight are powered by batteries which are not included in the set.

The emergency whistle has 4 purposes including the functions of a flashlight, thermometer, compass and of course whistle. A camping drawstring backpack and hat are also included in the set.

The backpack keeps all the accessories organized while the camping hat is for sun protection.

TEMI Dinosaur Playset

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TEMI Dinosaur Playset brings the world of dinosaurs right to your child. The playset does not just include the dinosaur toys but there is also a dinosaur play mat.

The park-like play mat is soft and durable plus it features real looking trees on it. The mat is constructed like a map and made of quality fabric rather than thin paper. Also, it is large enough for up to 2 players to have fun on.

The 9 realistically looking dinosaur toys contained in this set are: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Acrocanthosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Dimetrodon.

They are all handmade and can be reshaped back to their normal size when squeezed. In addition, they are made from non-toxic and high quality materials which makes them safe for kids and also long-lasting.

There is a featured carrying case with a handle that keeps all the accessories secure when not in use.


After going through this article, you are sure to discover the outdoor play structure that best suits your ten-year-old.

Varying from the camping gear to the baseball and tennis set to the laser playset to the soccer ball set to the juggling toy to the explorer kit and lastly, to the dinosaur set.

Your kid can play with any of the above play equipment alone or they could share the fun with their friends and family. Always make sure to watch your kids as they play with this outdoor play equipment in order to avoid accidents.

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