Best Outdoor Water Toys for One Year Old

Best Outdoor Water Toys for One Year Old

Buying outdoor water toys for a 1-year-old child can be a tricky affair. You need to get the safety aspect right. Kids and water are, many times, not a good combination.

You will also need to make sure of the toy’s quality. A water toy that will last a kid must be of high-quality material.

Here are some of the best water toys for your one year olds.

Cabor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids

Cabor Trampoline Sprinkler for Kids - Outdoor Trampoline Water Sprinkler for Water Play, Trampoline Accessories 39ft Sprinkler for Trampoline Shower and Summer Fun
  • Great Exercise and kids staying cool while doing it – It does lasers of water all around. The trampoline is soaked in seconds, great for hot summer days! Even if they want a dry jump, they can turn the water on for a quick sec to cool down the hot tramp
  • Versatile - Not just for trampolines, you can lay it on the garden ground to have the water spray inside the square area. The dogs had a blast running through it and cooling down in the heat or use it with family pool time
  • Setup is simple – Just securing the hose to the top of the net frame with the reusable zip ties provided. It’s so much easier than having to set up a huge waterslide and take it down every day
  • Hit a bullseye with this gift - Be the best grandparents/ parents if you buy this for your kids, all the kids (even teenager) love jumping with the sprinkler on a hot day, keeps the kids busy and happy and you get a little bit of a break

Water play games are really fun for kids and the whole family. If you are looking for accessories for your trampoline, this outdoor water sprinkler is a must buy. It’s lots of fun playing outside in your backyard and your little one can stay cool despite the heat.

This trampoline sprinkler is really easy to assemble and use. You and your baby can spend time together and cool off. It is easy to set up; just connect your hose around the trampoline and secure it to the net frame with the reusable zip ties that come with the set. The material is thick and leak proof. It’s guaranteed to last for a long time. There’s also a pressure control valve that can adjust the water flow.

Splashie XL Unicorn Splash Pad

Splashie Splash Pad Unicorn Sprinkler and 2 Unicorn Tiaras - Splash Pad for Kids - Kids Summer and Water Toys - Inflatable Sprinkler Mat for Outdoor Play - Splash Pads for Toddlers and Kids Ages 1-8
  • COOL DOWN & HAVE SOME FUN: Our Unicorn kids splash pad, with its unique design and optional sprinklers is the ideal sprinkler for kids outdoor play and is big enough to fit the whole family. Even your pets can use our dog splash pad! The 65 inch sprinkler splash pad is the most fun outdoor water toys, water toys for toddlers 1-3 and splash sprinkler for bigger kids.
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY: Our kids sprinkler is made of high-quality, extra-thick 0.44 mm PVC materials, making it twice as durable than other water mats. It is the largest splash pad on Amazon! With an artist inspired print and 2 beautiful unicorn tiaras , our water toy and kiddie pools will last as long as the fun! Because we care about your kids, we made sure that the materials we used are all rated as child-safe.
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Not just outdoor toys for summer fun, our kids and baby splash pad can also be used year round without a water hose and inflated for indoor fun too. They make great ball pits. Ball pits are a fantastic way for babies to explore and play and are also a great way for big kids to get energy out while staying indoors.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: In addition to the kids splash pad, it also comes with 2 unicorn tiaras, a repair kit and a hose adapter. You've got everything you need to set up the water sprinkler quickly or repair it if needed. Create your own water paradise right at home for splashy water play with the Splashie Water Splash Pad For Kids!

Delight your little one with this awesome unicorn-designed toy. You can keep your kids happy thanks to this perfect summer toy. The unicorn is very easy to assemble and can be placed any where outdoors. It has vibrant UV-proof colors that your baby will love.

This toy set includes everything you need to set it up quickly or to repair it. It comes with a splash pad, a hose adaptor, so you can use your garden hose or tube, and a repair kit if needed. You also get two headbands for the unicorn that you can play with all the time. The height of water can also be adjusted if you think it’s too low or too high.

The set up is quite easy. After inflating the unicorn, plug a hose or PVC tube and it’s ready for use. Remember not to place this toy on any hard surface.

Hiboom Swimming Pool Ball

Hiboom Swimming Pool Balls Underwater | Pool Diving Toys Ball with Water Filling Adapter | Cool Exercise Toys That Can Bounce Under Water, Swimming Gifts for Kids, Adults, Family (Water Color Style)
  • 🤽【Bouncing The Cool Balls Underwater】 - swim into summer fun with the great pool balls, the original ideas from Hiboom, we designed the rainbow, water color and fruit elements on a diving toys ball, the brand you can trust which help you hit the beach or pool and release endless fun in summer parties
  • 🏊‍♀️【Cool Exercise Toy Balls for Diving】 - the ball that bounces on water can flow or sink under water on the basis of how much water you fill in, the design combining components of pool football and water basketball, great bouncing balls for adults which also encourages exercise for kids and teens of all age
  • 🏄‍♂️【9" Balls with Water Injector】 - diving ball can be filled with water and air to 9 inch approximately, ideal size for water and diving games in the pool, lake, or pond; to fill the water balls and make them neutrally buoyant, you can fill it up with water and just some air to get it at the right buoyancy; float like a board and sting like a bee, allows you to play underwater balls in new and interesting ways
  • 🏀【Better Remained Patterns & Colors】 - the swimming pool diving ball is made of ductile PVC materials, which is tougher and thicker than normal air filled balls, better played underwater and anti-cracking to endure rough playing; colors and patterns are printed by more rigorous work, which ensures a better quality and colors won't fade easily like others when soaking in the water, safe materials for the family and excellent for pool parties and get-togethers

This is an easy to fill and play swimming ball for outdoor fun. It’s the perfect toy for playing football, basketball and rugby on the water. This inflatable pool ball is very bouncy and can even be used to dribble or play a passing game.

The buoyancy on water can be adjusted for the ball to sink or float on water. It’s a small ball that’s great for little hands so your baby can definitely play with this toy and you enjoy your family time together.

Inflating this ball is easy because it has an injector needle that lets water fill the ball, this injector is also used to drain water out when you’re done. The patterns or colors won’t fade anytime soon because it is designed for outdoor play. This set of underwater balls can spin or swirl in water making it a great outdoor water toy for toddlers and families.

Neteast Outdoor Splash Pad for Toddlers

Outdoor Toys Splash Pad for Toddlers and Kids Adults Gifts, 68'' Outside Sprinkler Pool Water Toys for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Baby Boys Girls Children
  • 【Funny Splash Pad for Kids and Adults】The lovely splash pad is definitely a big hit for baby kids and toddlers in outdoor parties, backyard, beach and lawn. Baby and toddlers boys girls can enjoy fun of the sprinkling fun and sit, run, jump and beat the heat of summer! Perfect outside water toys for 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old toddlers kids boys and girls.
  • 【Durable Kids Splash Pad and Pool】The width and thickness of the splash pad is increased so that it holds more tap water to form a shallow pool for children. Toddlers and adults can enjoy hours of water fun with the sprinkler mat. Perfect birthday or reward gifts for baby and kids, let you grow up with your kids.
  • 【Large Sprinkler for Kids】68 inch water toys allow more toddlers boys and girls to play together. They can quickly start a backyard/outdoor/garden/beach/lawn water party. Great water toys for kids outdoor ages 1-12.
  • 【Quickly Set Up】Splash pad can be connected to any garden hose, easy to set and simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. Flexible filling and draining.

This is another outdoor pad designed for toddlers to have fun outside with their friends and family. It’s a large splash pad for multiple children to play together in the backyard, garden or anywhere.

The marine theme will introduce your kid to marine animals in her play time. It’s a great water toy for toddlers and little kids.

No blow up is necessary with this toy, connect your hose and the play mat sprays water through small holes on the pad. The water merges to form a shallow pool so your little one can splash. The increased width lets the mat hold more water. Babies can play with their parents on the pad but don’t place the mat on any hard surface because it will get slippery.

Kaome Splash Pad for Kids

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Create cool adventures for your kid in the summer with this splash pad. The Kaome splash pad for kids has double edge sealing that keeps the pad from leaking or deflating. This toy set comes with a connector for water injection and a repair patch if needed.

This splash pad is perfect for sunny days and having fun in the garden. It can also be used as a mini swimming pool when filled with water. Not only that, this splash pad can serve as a shallow reservoir or a balls pool for other games.

To get the perfect use, use an inflator to ensure the pad is completely inflated, this is important because that’s the only way water gets into the pool.

Zen Laboratory Splash Pad, Water Sprinkler Toy

Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs Baby Kids Ages 4-8, Splash Pads for Toddlers, Outdoor Outside Water Toys Backyard, Water Table Doggy Puppy Play Inflatable Swimming Kiddie Pool Summer Toy 1 Year Old Gift
  • Splash Pad for Dogs, Kids, Pets - We combined the best parts of a water fountain and splashing non stop water activity to make the most entertaining lawn sprinkler mat for large, medium, small dogs. Voted the top large water splash pad outdoor summer toy for kids ages 3-5 and 4-8, and baby toddlers 1-3, great kiddie swimming pools, sprinkler for kids, summer toys, outdoor water toys, backyard yard toys for kids and dogs. Splash pad for kids is half the cost as inflatable pools.
  • Have a Splash Pad Sprinkler Party - Zen Labs dog splash sprinkler pad for doggies, puppy splash pad, furry splasher for dogs, dog sprinkler pool, baby water toys for the outdoors and a wet summer toy for toddlers 1-3 and outside fun for kids 3-5 is the most backyard excitement boys and girls can have this year. Zen's kiddy sprinkler pools, and splashpad water play for 1 year olds are perfect gifts and fun alternative to traditional inflatable kiddie pools.
  • 3 in 1 Inflatable Sprinkler Pool - Toddlers, Babies, Doggie and Kids love playing with water toys outside, so why not give them a little relief from the summer heat? We promise that this is the best kids toddlers splash pad water mat outdoor toys. Splash Pad for kids ages 4-8, splash pads for toddlers 1-3, kids 3-5, 1 year old baby splash pad mat kiddy pools kiddie pool, water play table, wading pool water sprinkler water pad.
  • Make a Splash into Safety - Your little one's safety while playing in the backyard outdoor lawn summer toys is our top priority. Our splash pad water sprinkler toy for kids toddlers is a great alternative to your traditional swimming pool that your dogs and family love but the splashpad offers all the excitement and outdoor games and sprinkler for kids, we guarantee uncompromised quality with a splash pad that is both BPA and phthalate free.

This is not your standard baby pool but a beautiful construction that will be your own water park for your toddler. It’s great for kids who aren’t old enough to swim to enjoy a safe splash in their backyard. You and your toddler will have quality bonding playing with this outdoor water toy.

Toddlers love playing outside anyway. This splash pad can be rolled out on any sunny day for a fun time with everyone.

It is complete with child friendly features. The splash pad material is of good quality which is BPA free. Just hook it up to a hose to inflate, it has a plastic patch to fix any leaks that may spring up. However don’t turn your hose more than halfway to prevent leaks and ensure the splash pad lasts long. To drain this pad after use, roll it up towards the spout.

Jasonwell Inflatable Kiddie Pool Sprinkler

Jasonwell Inflatable Kiddie Pool Sprinkler: Splash Pad for Kids Toddlers 71-Inch 3-in-1 Children Ball Pit Shark Baby Wading Pool Outdoor Swimming Pool Summer Water Toys for Boys Girls Dogs
  • Fun Splash Pad for Kids: The water sprays and pool in the center of the splash pad,creating tons of fun. Children will love to cool off in the spray and splash. Perfect toddlers kids water toys for backyard outside. Perfect summer kiddie pool for age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.
  • Cool Shallow Wading Pool Baby Pool: Baby splash pad outside toys with perfect height,which allows shallow water to minimize the risk
  • Easy to Set Up Splash Pad: Just inflate the supportvie rim, plug the water splash pool to a garden hose or PVC tubing, simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. Easy fun water play in summer.
  • Safe Kids Sprinkler Pool Outdoor Water Yard Toys: made from durable environmental and non-toxic PVC and dielectric welding to ensure strong and beautiful joints. No harmful chemicals while playing.The sprinkler splash pads are tested on regular basis and EN71, CPSIA, CPC and ASTM certified. Perfect birthday gift and party hit.

As kids continue to grow and develop, playing outdoors can be a great exercise to improve social skills so why not get your baby a toy that will bring everyone together? The Jasonwell inflatable kiddie pool sprinkler is designed to improve your little baby’s experience as he plays with friends and family in his own exclusive pirate ship. The toy includes a rotating cannon that sprays water. The cannon can even be adjusted to any direction.

When this inflatable pirate ship is connected to a water source, the water sprays and pools in the center of the splash pad, creating a kiddies splash pool that’s the right height for your kid to play in. This toy is completely child-safe. It’s made from environmentally non-toxic material that’s not harmful to your kid’s skin. It’s very easy to drain any accumulated water and this toy can stay out in the sun for a long time without losing it’s shiny color.



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