Best Stuffed Animals with Storage Pockets

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Stuffed animals are the perfect companion to every individual. People share secrets, fears and stories with their favoured companion without being judged.

Having a stuffed animal with storage pockets provides the right hideaway for secret items. Plus, they are not common. Most of the storage pockets are large enough to put your palm into while some are small enough to contain just two fingers. You just have to know which works best for you.

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Thorough research has been carried out to pick out the best stuffed animals with storage pockets just for you. Read on to find your favourite.

Vermont Tooth Fairy Teddy Bear

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Vermont teddy bear is actually in the form of a tooth fairy, with the wings and all. It is a 6 inches’ teddy which is quite small and perfect for tucking into bed with your kid. Its size also makes it perfect to sit nicely on a nightstand or bookshelf.

It is made from ultra-soft fur that is silky to the touch and very squeezable. In addition, the bear has sturdy decorative wings and a belly pocket fixed on its belly, for storing the tiny items of your little one including their tooth.

With its durable stitching and easy to wash fur, the teddy bear is easy to care for and quite safe for kids. The idea of a fairy bear is magical and any age is sure to enjoy this magical play tool. Due to its neutral colour, this teddy bear is a perfect gift for any kid, be it male or female.

Animal Adventure Stuffed Dinosaur Backrest

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Perfect for leaning in and snuggling, this stuffed backrest provides a cosy and comfortable time to both kids and adults. It is unbelievably cute ad big enough for adults to use as a backrest or to lean on, though kids can also make use of it.

The featured back pocket can be used to store all your treasures while the handle enables for easy carriage from room to room. This super cushy stuffed animal is vibrantly coloured which complements any room and can also be used as a gift to your loved one.

You can get one for your bedroom to snuggle with and also for the couch in your reading or sitting room. Not only can it be used as support for backs, but also to support your head or neck or even for physically recovering patients.

GUND Flitterina Unicorn Toothfairy Stuffed Animal

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This is a cute and cuddly stuffed animal with a handy pocket in front for keeping your kid’s tooth before the tooth fairy appears. The toy comes in colours pink and white.

In addition, it features shiny fabric on hooves, horn, and wings which provides extra shine and magic to your kid’s fun time. The fabric cannot be washed with a washing machine but its surface can only be cleaned lightly and easily when dirty.

It is safe for kids and perfect for ages one to five. GUND is widely known for their creative and quality products so each and every of their toy is manufactured with quality materials that are extremely soft and cuddle-worthy.

Animal Adventure Stuffed Cat Backrest

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Animal adventure stuffed cat backrest provides the best seat in the home with its comfy structure. It can be used in any room of the house, be it your kids room, your sitting room, your den or even your bedroom.

The toy has a handle which makes it easy for you to carry and also a small back pocket, to keep all your little items you need while relaxing or reading. It can be used as a pillow, backrest, headrest or for any parts of the body to lean on.
The cover of the stuffed animal does not come off but can be washed lightly, though it will require thorough airing. It is neutrally coloured and can fit any décor in the house or even office. You don’t have to worry about it being dangerous to your kids as it is a child-safe product as well as echo friendly.

YOTTOY Corduroy Stuffed Animal

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This cuddly bear by YOTTOY is made of soft caramel coloured fur, and embroidered eyes, nose and mouth. it was created based on the best-selling kids’ book, ‘Corduroy’, which tells a heart-warming story about a teddy bear.

The bear is dressed in green corduroy overalls, hence the name Corduroy Bear. The overalls have a purple patterned patch pocket that serves as a small storage space for your kid’s tiny items. In addition, the overalls have sophisticatedly embroidered yellow buttons which adds more colour and vibrancy to the already coloured overall.

It is not machine washable, only the surface can be washed and air dried. The stuffed animal is perfect for play, bedtime cuddling and as a story time companion. Toddlers, infants and adults can use YOTTOY Corduroy Stuffed Bear. Note that for little infants, you will have to watch as they play with the bear, so as to avoid them swallowing and choking on the button.

Bearington Baby Lil’ Spout Stuffed Animal

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Bearington Baby Collection is known worldwide for their outstanding quality and long last, so purchasing this product will put your mind at ease about longevity. This stuffed animal is a sweet and soft grey coloured elephant with satin belly, ears and footpad.

It features a large pocket and a pacifier leash that serves as an ideal holder for your baby’s pacifier. The pacifier holder is up to 15 inches long which is perfect for infants or babies to cuddle while the strap keeps your baby’s pacifier secure and clean.

The pocket is located at the back of the elephant when opened up. Plus, it has a Velcro closure which makes it an ideal storage space for your kid’s pacifier, teething toy and other items. It is made from the most comfortably soft material and has a velvety soft underside, though the elephant is not machine washable. Use this uniquely designed adorable stuffed animal as a gift for any baby-themed occasion.

Houwsbaby Stuffed Shark Pillow

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Houwsbaby Stuffed Shark Pillow is a realistic looking animal with the skin colour, the white spots, bright plastic eyes and big mouth; just like a real shark. It is made of high quality 3D PP cotton, which is very soft, squeezable and comfortable to the skin.

The featured fancy embroidery on the shark’s skin adds to the shark’s adorable look. The mouth of the shark is big and deep enough to swallow an adult’s hand or feet; you won’t feel uncomfortable as it is very gentle and soft to the touch.

The animal cannot be machine-washed or dry cleaned when dirty or even tumble dried, but should only be brushed gently with little water and then dried in the sun. In addition, it can be used as a cuddly pillow and as a present to other kids during occasions. Using this stuffed animal enables your kids to know more about the sea world.


The best stuffed animal keeps you company for years to come. You can lean on it, cuddle it and also use it to store your treasures. All the listed items can be cleaned easily when dirty, without having to go through a full wash.

They also suit any décor without creating contrasts. Though some may not be able to stay on their own without falling over, so they may have to lean on an object.

Purchase any of these cute stuffed animals that may come as a bear, a rabbit, a unicorn or even a shark.

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