Best Play Kitchen for Small Spaces

best small kitchen toy for small places

You’ve been dreaming to buy a roleplay kitchen for your kid but space is not something you have in abundance in your home?

And the ones you’ve been seeing in the adverts look like they need a huge chunk of space to be set up?

We feel you.

Child Size play kitchens can come at a fairly big size. And it is true you need enough space wherever you want to set them up at.

But there are play kitchens designed to meet the needs of parents like you.

They can fit in small spaces and your kid can still enjoy the same benefits as with other larger play kitchens.

But how do you find those?

First, we can tell you that getting a compact kitchen for the space you have at home should not be the only thing you should have in mind.

Play kitchens are available in a huge variety of sizes, materials, designs and features.

So whichever makes you would finally go for, it has to be good.

But we have done that. We’ve gone through the brands and come with a list of the best toy kitchens that are perfect for small spaces

Here we are…

In today’s world, where living spaces are often at a premium, finding the perfect play kitchen for your little one can be a challenge. You want something that sparks imagination, encourages learning, and provides hours of fun – but it also needs to fit comfortably in your home.

Fear not! We’ve scoured the market and found four fantastic play kitchens that pack a ton of features into a small footprint. These kitchens are ideal for apartments, small playrooms, or any home where space is at a premium. Let’s explore each option in detail and see what makes them special.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

best small kitchen toy for small places


If you’ve been captivated by the farmhouse trend that’s swept home decor in recent years, this play kitchen will be a delightful addition to your space. Standing at 48 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and only 11 inches deep, it’s designed to fit snugly against a wall without protruding too far into the room.

What we love about this kitchen:

  • The open design encourages social play, making it perfect for playdates or siblings to enjoy together.
  • It features a working pendant light, adding to the realistic farmhouse feel and providing a cozy ambiance.
  • Kids will enjoy the sensory play elements, like the clicking knob and electronic stovetop with lights and sounds, which engage multiple senses.
  • The attention to detail is impressive, with a farmhouse-style sink, shiplap backsplash, wooden shelving, and “copper” accessories that mimic trendy kitchen designs.

This kitchen is sure to be a hit with little ones who love to imitate their parents’ cooking adventures. The farmhouse style also makes it an attractive piece that won’t look out of place in your living area or playroom.

  1. Lifestyle™ Fresh Accents Kitchen

Slightly more compact than the Farmhouse model, this kitchen measures 41 inches in height, 26 inches in width, and 13.5 inches in depth. It’s a modern take on a play kitchen that doesn’t skimp on features, perfect for the contemporary home.

Standout features:

  • The open design and pass-through window make it great for multiple kids to play together, encouraging social skills and cooperative play.
  • It comes equipped with realistic appliances, including a stovetop, microwave, oven, and refrigerator with a pretend water and ice station, mimicking a full-sized kitchen.
  • Electronic sounds in the microwave, oven, and play phone add to the realism and interactive experience.
  • The variety of activities possible (baking, scrambling, boiling, and brewing) keeps playtime interesting and allows children to explore different aspects of cooking.

This kitchen is perfect for kids who want a more contemporary look and love interactive elements. Its compact size makes it versatile enough to fit in various spaces around your home.

  1. Contemporary Chef Kitchen

With dimensions of 41.25 inches in height, 30.5 inches in width, and 11.5 inches in depth, this kitchen strikes a balance between features and space-saving design. It’s a great option for homes that want a play kitchen with a modern twist.

Key features:

  • It includes a special spot for kids to “feed” their stuffed animals, complete with pet food and water decals. This unique feature encourages nurturing play and can be especially appealing to animal-loving children.
  • The pretend coffee maker station with single-serve pods is a clever touch that mimics what many kids see in their own homes, allowing them to ‘make coffee’ just like mom and dad.
  • Like the other models, it features an open design with a pass-through window to encourage social play and interaction.
  • The overall design is sleek and contemporary, fitting well with modern home decor.

This kitchen is ideal for animal-loving kids or those who enjoy imitating their parents’ morning coffee routine. It’s a great way to involve children in daily rituals and routines through play.

  1. Downtown Delights Kitchen

The largest of the four, but still compact, this kitchen measures 44.25 inches tall, 32.25 inches wide, and 10.25 inches deep. It’s perfect for those who have a bit more space to spare but still want to keep things relatively compact.

What sets it apart:

  • Storage bins and a frosted window cabinet help keep the play area tidy, teaching kids about organization and cleanup.
  • The design elements, like the farmhouse-style apron sink, stacked stone detailing, and subway tile backsplash, give it a trendy look that appeals to both kids and parents.
  • The oversized refrigerator with a door window allows kids to easily “shop” for their ingredients, encouraging imaginative play and early math skills as they inventory their supplies.
  • The overall aesthetic is more sophisticated, making it a play kitchen that can grow with your child.

This kitchen is great for kids who love to play restaurant or those who appreciate a more sophisticated design. It’s also excellent for parents who want a play kitchen that blends seamlessly with their home decor.

What Makes These Play Kitchens Special?

All four of these kitchens share some important features that make them stand out in the crowded field of children’s toys:

  1. Durability: Step2 uses their EverTough construction, ensuring these kitchens can withstand enthusiastic play. This means you’re investing in a toy that will last through years of use and potentially multiple children.
  2. Easy Cleaning: Whether it’s just your kids or a whole playdate group, these kitchens are designed to be easily wiped down with disinfectant wipes or regular household cleaners. This feature is particularly important for busy parents who want to ensure their children’s toys remain hygienic.
  3. Kid-Friendly Design: From molded-in features to appropriately sized appliances, these kitchens are built with little hands in mind. Working cabinet doors, storage bins, and other interactive elements keep toddlers engaged in imaginative play while also being safe and easy to use.
  4. Educational Value: While these kitchens are undoubtedly fun, they also offer numerous learning opportunities. Children can develop fine motor skills as they manipulate small objects, learn about organization as they store and retrieve play food, and even begin to grasp basic math concepts through pretend cooking and shopping.
  5. Social Skills Development: The open designs and multiple play areas encourage cooperative play, helping children learn to share, take turns, and communicate effectively with others.

Choosing the Right Kitchen for Your Space

When deciding which kitchen is right for your home, consider these factors:

  • The available space you have: Measure your intended area carefully and compare it to the dimensions of each kitchen.
  • Your child’s interests: Consider whether they’re drawn to modern design, farmhouse style, or if they’re animal lovers who would appreciate the pet feeding station.
  • The number of children likely to play at once: If you often host playdates or have multiple children, a kitchen with more open space might be beneficial.
  • The specific features that appeal to you and your child: Think about what aspects of real cooking your child enjoys imitating the most.
  • Your home’s decor: Choose a kitchen that complements your existing style so it doesn’t feel out of place.

Remember, even though these kitchens are designed for small spaces, they don’t compromise on play value. Each one offers a wealth of opportunities for imaginative play, helping to develop social skills, creativity, and even early math and organization skills as kids “cook,” “shop,” and “clean up.”

Our Top Pick: The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

While all four kitchens offer excellent features and compact designs, if we had to choose a favorite, it would be the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen™. Here’s why:

  1. Versatile Style: The farmhouse aesthetic is timeless and can blend well with various home decor styles, from rustic to modern.
  2. Engaging Features: The working pendant light and electronic stovetop with lights and sounds provide an extra level of realism that can keep children engaged for longer periods.
  3. Size-to-Feature Ratio: Despite its compact footprint, it doesn’t skimp on play features, offering a great balance of size and functionality.
  4. Open Design: The completely open layout makes it easy for multiple children to play together, encouraging social interaction and cooperative play.
  5. Attention to Detail: The realistic touches like the shiplap backsplash and “copper” accessories make it visually appealing for both children and adults.


While the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen™ is our top pick, it’s important to remember that the best kitchen for your family will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Each of these kitchens offers unique features that could make it the perfect choice for your home.

No matter which kitchen you choose, you’re investing in hours of fun and learning for your little one. These compact kitchens prove that great things really do come in small packages! They offer a world of imaginative play that can help develop crucial skills while fitting comfortably into your living space. Happy cooking, little chefs!


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