What to do with old Stuffed Animal Toys

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Your kids’ love for stuffed animals can make you fill the room with many of them, till there is no space left for newer ones.

Trashing the old stuffed animals is mostly not an option many want to follow, as this can seem wasteful or hard on your kids if they have grown attached to them.

What then can you do with the old stuffed animals and still keep your little ones excited?

Sell It

Giving your babies the liberty to select the stuffed animals they would love to sell during your garage sale can be fulfilling, rather than just picking the ones you feel they do not need and trashing them.

You can let them use the proceeds for something else.

Swap It

Exchanging old but clean stuffed animals with family or friends can also be a lot of fun for your youngsters.

Although this does not reduce the number of toys in your house, it sure helps you get rid of the forgotten ones, which might be just what another child needs.

Create a Backpack

This is one beautiful thing we would love you to try out with the big stuffed animals in your house.

Just a little craft is needed to remove the stuffing, fix some straps, and add a zipper down the chest and belly, and your damsels are ready to rock their teddies with style.

Recycle It

You do not need to trash the old stuffed animals when you can take them back to the manufacturer, especially if the toys are ones with batteries.

Or you can turn them into something comfier, like a pillow or a rug in your children’s room. That way, they still have their favorite stuffed animals close by.

Donate It

There are different organizations, hospitals, and local pet shelters that would accept your old stuffed animals.

Letting your kids donate their toys has a way of making them happy and instilling a community sense of responsibility because many of these beautiful creatures love the feeling of being the reason someone is smiling.

Now you ask, “Where do I donate stuffed animals?”

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of places you can send them to:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Stuffed Animals For Emergency (SAFE)
  • Donation Town
  • Toys for Tots
  • Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Hospitals

Before making your donations to these organizations, be sure to check their websites for guidelines and pick-up locations, as some only accept new stuffed animals, while others accept both.

Wait! What if you do not have new stuffed animals but just need to give out the old ones?

That’s easy. Below is a list of places that would accept neatly used old stuffed animals:

  • Local Shelters
  • Children’s Homes
  • Social Services
  • Daycare or Preschool
  • Libraries
  • Religious Centers
  • Buy Nothing Groups

Due to COVID-19, donating new or neatly used toys can be quite challenging, and this is why it is essential to contact these organizations before taking your well-packed toys there, as there might be some rules you’ll need to follow.

How to clean old stuffed animals for donation


Some stuffed animals are quite delicate and have lots of attachments and accessories. All you need is a washcloth and gentle soap to make the fur stay in place. You can also use a small comb while you wash.

Machine Washing

While thinking of washing with a machine, ensure that the stuffed animals do not have accessories or attachments like plastic, flowers, ribbons, or special tags that you want to keep on them.

To keep stuffed animals on the safe side, put them in a pillowcase.

Make use of a sensitive or baby laundry detergent, then the stuffed animals can be placed in the dryer on low heat or air-dried.

You can also bring it out to air dry naturally, or if it has a lingering odor, rays of sunlight can freshen it.

Spot Clean

If you desire to maintain the beauty and have it donated, not all stuffed animals can be washed.

For toys like this, mix a little washing detergent with water and blot the stains with a dry cloth. Then air-dry them. This might not be very effective, but it is better than doing nothing at all.

What you should avoid when donating old stuffed animals

  • Don’t give away toys that have been recalled by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t donate stuffed animals with missing parts.
  • Don’t wrap your donations; instead, make them visible.
  • Don’t drop off your donations without prior notice.
  • Don’t donate soiled stuffed animals.

With these things in mind, we believe you know what to do with that huge pile of stuffed animals in your champ’s room.

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