What is the right age for Pull Along Toys?

What is the right age for Pull Along Toys?

Imagine being able to get your kid a toy that will not only make his “me-time” fun but also a learning time.

That’s right! Getting a toy for your cutie shouldn’t be only to keep him occupied, but to aid his development physically and mentally, keeping in mind that children learn through what they see.

As much as you would love to get your toddler a nice playmate, remember that a pull-along toy is way different from all other toys. So you ask, at what stage should you get your baby a pull-along toy?

Let’s look into that together!

When to get your baby a Pull Along Toy

Toddlers between 12 months and 15 months are still in the phase of pushing their toys around because this is the stage where they learn to stand and walk on their own.

Getting them a pull-along toy at this age shouldn’t come as a priority. We don’t want them to sustain so many injuries as they take their first steps. Do not forget that your child needs to have enough knowledge about pushing before he learns about pulling. That’s the logic!

From 18-months to 3-years old, your darling is ready to drag along his toy. This could be a truck with wheels or a dog with a string attached to pull it while he walks ahead.

At this stage, he will be able to push and pull whenever there is a need to, knowing that when he pushes, it goes away, and when he pulls, it comes to him.

But what is the benefit of getting such a plaything for your baby? Well, let’s check that out, shall we?

Advantages of A Pull Along Toy

While the push toy helps your baby move faster towards his target, the pull-along toy is there to help him maintain balance when he is walking. This is an avenue for your little one to learn the importance of being focused while walking.

Certainly, he is going to bump into some things during his early trials. He would want to keep an eye on his tag while he is walking, and this might make him turn often, but soon, he begins to realize the need to look ahead to avoid more falls. That’s one sure way of developing great motor skills.

What more? How about we tell you that pull-along toys help children learn to solve problems, be independent, and have that resilient spirit?

Never knew? Check this scenario:

When your child is pulling at his toy, and it gets stuck, maybe under a chair, or around the legs of a table, he tends to look for a way to “save” his little friend. Being able to untangle that is a big win for them.

Seeing that they control where the toy goes is also a joy. There is that feeling of “I saved the day” that makes them believe they can do whatever they put their minds to.

Pull-along toys also help your toddlers with the lesson of cause and effect. He begins to understand that, whenever he needs to hug his inanimate pet or have it by his side, all he needs to do is to pull it closer.

Just like you, we believe it is a good thing to be a part of your kids’ learning process, but how do you come in on this?

How to encourage your kids to use a Pull Along Toy

Although we know that it is normal for children to fall when they are learning to stand or walk, you shouldn’t be far from them at such times.

Babies are beautiful creatures that love to imitate whatever you do, and seeing you pull something will encourage them to do so too.

While getting your lads and lasses a pull toy, get something they can easily relate to, like a pull-along animal. Make sure you get the one that makes some sound when being pulled. They will love it!


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