How to choose Ride-On Toys for Big Kids

How to choose Ride-On Toys for Big Kids

Ride-on toys are so much fun. Kids get to create amazing stories around their toys, especially when it excites them.

Kids want ride on toys because it improves spatial awareness and creative imagination.

However, if you have big kids, you need to be extra careful when choosing riding toys for them. The wrong choice of toys can make your kid sustain injuries during play and that’s not a good thing.

Here are some factors you need to think about when choosing safe ride-on toys for big kids.


Every factory-made toy has safety standards and features approved by a consumer protection agency and you need to know if the toy you are interested in has been approved for children.

Make sure safety features on the toy e.g. stop mechanism, helmet, seat belt, and other safety gear are in the right shape.

Watch out for toy recalls as they might inform you of toys that are deemed unreliable.


Always go for a ride-on toy with a low center of gravity. A low bottom helps your kid when she inevitably falls from her ride-on toy. She won’t get trapped under it. Don’t forget to check if the toy is wide enough to support your child’s weight and that it can stay upright when in use.


Before you buy a ride-on toy for your kid, it is essential you consider exactly what they would like. Perhaps your child has a favorite cartoon character, there’s a chance you might find a themed ride-on toy based on his favorite character.

Maybe your child would rather have a horse instead of a motorized toy? Find out what she wants so you don’t pay for a toy and it is already in the attic after a month.

However, don’t always try to buy the trendiest toy because your child can lose interest quickly. Scooters, bicycles and cars are timeless ride-on toys.


Big kids are stronger than toddlers but not everyone takes notice when they buy toys. Before you buy a ride-on toy, make sure it is sturdy and is made from durable plastic or any other material.

Avoid thin plastic because it is not sturdy enough to hold the weight of a big kid, especially when they’re above five years.

Movement/Power source

Ride-on toys are typically child-propelled or motorized and this could make a big difference for the safety of your kid.

If the toy is foot-powered, it should be slow or have a working brake that’s easy to stop, otherwise, your kid might tip if he hasn’t mastered the toy. If the toy is battery powered, always check that it doesn’t move too fast especially if it’s used outside the house.

Adult supervision is required for battery-powered toys when used outside because of cars and trucks that move very fast.


A safe ride-on toy should be of the correct size for your kid. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. The size of the toy should be appropriate for your child’s age.

Before riding, make sure your kid’s feet can touch the ground when sitting on the toy. Big kids will get injured easily if they’re riding toys that are too small for them.

Children love their toys but toy-related accidents can be very damaging.

Kids develop crucial motor skills with a ride-on toy. They need to be safe when they play and parents should be aware of this.

I hope this guide has helped you. Take these factors into account before you pay for a ride-on toy for your child.


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