Best Construction Toys for Preschoolers

A construction toy for preschoolers

Engaging in play with toys is a great way for kids to develop a passion for learning.

Constructions toys are awesome tools in building interest and providing opportunities for creativity in developing the skills needed for the real world by crafting their own creations.

Here are some great selections for Preschoolers:

DeXop Construction Vehicle Truck, Take Apart Toys with Screwdriver

DeeXop Construction Vehicle Truck


The DeXop Construction Toys set is great fun for tots. This toy set has an excavator, drill rig car, dump truck, cement truck, and two bulldozer convertible accessories.

Your kid gets four different construction truck toys to enjoy and play with. These toys don’t need batteries but have lots of moving parts that simulate real construction vehicles.

The fact this toy set is so easy to assemble is what I find most enjoyable about it. Not just that, it has a child-friendly toy screwdriver that your baby can use to take the toys apart and put them back together.

All parts of DeXop Construction Toys set are made from very good ABS plastic that is both lightweight and sturdy. The materials are child-safe as well.

Though it looks more like a construction toy set for boys, girls too will have wonderful fun with it. 

Kizh Wooden Letter and Number Construction Activity Set

Kizh Wooden Letter and Number Construction Activity Set


This toy set is ideal if you are interested in an educational preschool toy for your kid, especially if you’re homeschooling your baby. Getting them to learn and identify numbers and letters on their own is a good learning process.

With this construction activity set made for preschoolers, your kid will improve their alphanumeric and graphic cognition.

There is a 3×3 wooden pegboard where the shapes are placed to practice their letters and numbers. Your baby has 26 pieces that can easily combine to form any letter of the alphabet and some numbers too.

This set even has an idea pamphlet to show how to use the shapes properly. It’s great fun for the family and can be used in schools to keep kids busy.

The pegboard and shapes are very strong and durable. They won’t fall off or break. It’s completely safe for your child because the pieces are smooth and perfect for small hands.

JOYIN Kids Construction Tool Toy Set with Backpack

JOYIN 32PCS Kids Tool Set, Pretend Play Toddler Tool Toys


This is an amazing construction toolset that’s sure to provide great entertainment for your preschooler. It is made for kids who love to organize, fix or arrange.

The toolset comes in a backpack with other accessories like an electric power drill, goggle, replaceable saw, three replaceable drill bits and many other tools and parts, 32 to be exact. It also has a construction helmet in the backpack.

The power drill is probably the best bit because it’s very real looking and it also has a trigger and an auto-rotating chuck that moves clockwise and counterclockwise, however it requires two AA batteries to work.

Your little one can take this toy tool set everywhere, on trips with their friends, playing handyman, or as a costume for parties.

PlayBrainy Magnetic Toy Cars Set for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Play Brainy Magnetic Toy Cars Set for Boys and Girls


If you want your kids to develop and challenge their minds then this toy set is the one you’re looking for.

The PlayBrainy magnetic toy cars set has two variants, there’s a 42 piece version and another which has 90 pieces. It is a fun and unique challenge for your kids as they can construct different kinds of cars with the pieces. Let their imagination run wild putting pieces together and watch it all come to life.

With this toy set, your little kid can put and snap all the parts together on their own or with their friends. The set comes with an instruction manual and ideas on what to build with a set of magnets.

However, the wheels are not magnetic so make sure the wheels snap into place by pressing them on the base. It has no sharp edges and is safe for every child to play with.

The parts are also made from high-quality material. This toy set would make an outstanding gift for any child.

Green Toys Construction Vehicle Set

Green Toys Construction Vehicle Set, 3-Pack - Pretend Play


Green Toys are really popular for making their products from recyclable materials and this is no exception. This three-pack construction vehicle set is made from 100% recycled plastic.

The set includes one scooper with a movable front loader, mixer, and dumper. It also has three construction mini-cartoon dog drivers that your kids can use as drivers of their construction truck.

This toy set is a lot more durable and sturdier than other toys you can find, the quality is excellent with good craftsmanship that your kid would love. It has no coating, dye or paint so it’s safe for your kids to play with even without adult supervision.

My favorite thing about this construction vehicle set is its compactness, it will fit in anywhere so your baby can carry it on the go. The toy set is also simple and easy to assemble.


Yunaking Die-cast Construction Vehicle Toy Set with Play Mat

Yunaking Die-cast Construction Vehicle Toy Set with Play Mat


For parents who want to teach their kids about construction techniques or road signs, this pretend play set is definitely the best choice. It’s a 24 piece toy set that includes construction trucks, construction workers, traffic signs and a play mat.

All the materials and parts are made from a non-toxic ABS plastic and lead-free die-cast alloy that can withstand hours of pretend play.

It can be placed in the living room, bedroom or playroom so it serves as a family entertainment toy or in a competition between friends.

The playmat is soft and durable. It has smooth material roads that will enhance your child’s imaginative play. It’s also big enough for 4 toddlers to play on.



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