7 Construction Toys perfect for Boys

YIDESTARS Play Construction Sand

Construction toys are some of the oldest toys you will come across. No small thanks to the fact that they can easily be improvised from anything a kid can lay hands on.

Construction toys hold lots of values that cut across the different aspects of a child’s development.

For one, they help with a child’s cognitive development. They’re also excellent toys to help with toddlers’ gross motor skills. They help with good communication skills in a child.

Constructions toys come in a wide variety of materials, designs and cost

Tiny Land Kids-Fort-Building-Kit

Tiny Land Kids-Fort-Building-Kit-130 Pieces-Creative Fort Toy



When you get a quality building toy for your son, you can be sure he will learn planning, solving complex puzzles and team work. This construction toy is a DIY fort building kit which is ideal as an engineering construction set to learn how to connect pieces together to create a multitude of indoor or outdoor play structures.

With this building kit, your kid can build anything they want. The box comes with 130 pieces and is enough to construct a rocket, pyramid, mansion, castle, even an igloo. Simply insert the rods into the balls that come with the set and your building is ready. However, assembly requires adult supervision so the pieces are well put together.

Top Race Three-in-One Remote Control DIY Construction Vehicle Set

Top Race Take Apart Toys with Battery Powered Drill - 3-in-1 Take Apart Truck with Remote Control


For kids who love to take to take things apart and reassemble them, getting this Top Race construction vehicle set  is a great choice. This is a nice STEM building toy for every child. It’s a battery powered set with one base that can make three different trucks. It’s great practice for your kid to figure out the buttons and how each part goes together. It comes with 44 pieces your kid can turn into a crane, dump truck or cement truck.

Inside the box, there’s an electric drill that doubles as a screwdriver so kids can assemble or take the pieces apart. My favourite feature of this construction toy is the drill also functions as a remote control for the trucks up to 100 feet.

YIDESTARS Take Apart Construction Toy Set with Sand kit

YIDESTARS Play Construction Sand


It’s easy to stimulate your kid’s engineering curiousity if he has a toy set that combines everything he needs. The YIDESTARS Take Apart Construction Toy Set is a well designed DIY take apart set that includes 4 large die-cast construction vehicles like bulldozer, dump truck, an excavator and a road roller. Also, the set comes with nine construction worker figures and road signs to enhance the engineering experience. There’s even a small plastic screwdriver so your kid can take the vehicles apart and build them all from scratch. This will definitely improve your boy’s imagination and creativity.

The best part of this toy set is the sand kit that comes with it. The kinetic sand material is enough to make different castle models and it works well with the trucks. The sand kit includes an inflatable sandbox and a pump, giving you the perfect engineering construction site that has everything a budding engineer needs for a little pretend play.

Forty4 Construction Toy, Trucks, Magnetic Assemble

Construction Vehicle Toy Set with Sound and Light


This is a well made construction toy set that combines as a big defender robot. It’s a set of four small trucks which can move independently. There’s a crane, mixer, bulldozer and an excavator. However there are over 12 small sections that allows for more possible construction. Your child can construct multiple use trucks from the pieces or make a longer crane.

To form the big robot, the crane and excavator become arms while the mixer, bulldozer and other parts make up the rest of the body. All the parts are connected by a magnetic locking design that ensures the pieces are secure together. It also makes detaching easier. The big robot even makes sounds and lights up when it moves,  however you need batteries, which are not included in the pack, for this to work.

Sanlebi 6-in-1 Take Apart Construction Vehicle Kit with Electric Drill

Sanlebi Take Apart Truck Car Toys with Electric Drill


Perhaps your kid is mechanically inclined and you want to help him learn more about fixing and putting parts together, the Sanlebi construction vehicle kit is the perfect educational toy to allow your child improve his hand-eye coordination, creativity and thinking.

This toy set has 97 pieces that can make six individual trucks like excavator, bulldozer, cement truck and other construction vehicles. It also has an electric drill, with the batteries included, that can be rotated in two directions to tighten or loosen up the trucks. It even has some traffic signs to create a realistic construction site.

The pieces are of good quality with smooth and round edges; they’re perfectly safe. It can be assembled by your son with a little help from you. This kit has a tote bag to keep all the little pieces together.

MOBIUS Toys Big Utility Truck with Sounds and Lights

For every child, their formative years are crucial for building confidence, personality and creative imagination. The MOBIUS Big Utility Truck is the right toy to make a difference for your baby. This isn’t just a truck but it includes lots of different street signs, road accessories and three officers. This toy set will get your kid moving, playing and improving spatial awareness and STEM learning.

The utility truck has lights and sounds that imitate real trucks and there’s also a scaling and rotating ladder attached to it. A simple push button activates the lights and sound. With this toy, your child will have hands-on fun with everyone; siblings, friends even parents.

Great for toddlers, here are more constructions toys for preschoolers.

YOOBITION Pull Back Construction Vehicle Set

Looking for a construction toy that doesn’t need batteries? The YOOBITION Pull Back Toy is a set of small die-cast construction vehicles that is friction powered and will teach your child all he needs to know about construction.

This toy set has more than 45 pieces made from durable plastic, rubber, and metal materials; these include realistic crane towers, dump truck, road signs and barriers. The play mat is well detailed and lets your kid set up his own construction site and have endless fun with his toys. Each of the construction play set is small enough to play with on a table.



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