What to do with an Old Plastic Slide

What to do with an Old Plastic Slide

Do you have an old plastic slide in your backyard that your kids can no longer play on? Not to worry, there is something you can do with it to either make it new or put it to better use. But first thing, why do most children’s plastic slides get old and fault out so quickly? Let’s see;

1. Despite the fact that the plastic slides are made from UV-ray protected and anti-static plastic, constant exposure to weather weakens them.

2. Leaving the slides in a position where they face the sun directly can get them faded before long. You might want to change that.

3. Be mindful of what your cuties drag along the slides to avoid scratches that may cause the slides to become slow or slippery.

When all or one of these ugly things happens to a plastic slide, does that mean it’s over? Certainly not! Read on for some useful upcycling and repair tips for old plastic slides.

What is the remedy for a slow plastic slide?

When the slide becomes too slow to slide on, it means there is a build-up of dirt on it, or the exposure to harsh weather is beginning to take a toll on it. So what do you do?

1. Get a cleaning solution. Lukewarm water and dish soap can do just that.

2. Scrub the slide with a bristled or coarse brush. Leave it to dry completely after scrubbing with the solution.

3. You’ll need some wax paper to rub all over the slide once it is dry. Perfect! You’re good to go.

What do you do if the slide is slippery?

It is noteworthy that a slide can be slippery if lumps of grease, oil, tree sap, or water sit on it for too long, or if the angle of the slide is too steep. Read on to know how to correct this.

1. Wash the slide with liquid dish soap and a soft sponge. Have it scrubbed thoroughly and rinsed using a garden hose.

2. Get duct tape, preferably one that has the color of your slide, and place it at the center of the slide, running through the length. By doing this, you will be solving the problem while maintaining the beauty of the plastic slide.

Upcycling an Old Plastic Slide

When your kids outgrow or break their slide beyond repair, it becomes useless. But before you think of trashing it, we want you to try out these upcycling/repurposing tips:

1. Give it out. You read that right. This could be to a family friend, a school, or a public playground where other kids could use it. You can as well send it back to your manufacturer for it to be recycled into something better.

2. That chunky plastic or metal ladder of your children’s slide can be used as a stand for your tiny potted plants right there in the garden.

3. An entire old plastic slide can serve as a raised garden, propped up on cement blocks. Something this unique can be used by the disabled or those having difficulty with their knees. You see, it is not only creative but is also a thoughtful move.

4. Are you a hobbyist farmer who raises domestic birds in the yard? Great! That old plastic slide can be used as a roof for their coop. You can also put some hay on the slide for your ducks or hens to use as beds.

5. Another afterlife purpose for that ruined plaything is to have it channel water to some parts of your garden by placing it strategically.

6. The bottom of the slide can be used as a potting bench where you plant your salad or leaves. The sides of the slide will easily stop sand from spilling all over.

Making use of an old plastic slide for your planting is one sure way of adding beauty to your garden. You should try it.

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