Best Pretend Play Sets for 3 Year Olds

Best Pretend Play Sets for 3 Year Olds

Every child engages in pretend play activities as they grow and develop. This roleplaying allows them to be creative and imaginative. As a parent, you can nurture your kids’ creativity and imaginative skills in order to bring out the best in them.

That’s why you need to get good roleplay equipment which will foster their skills in not just creativity and imagination, but also social skills, problem-solving skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination skills.

Looking for the perfect make-believe toy you can get for your 3-year-old child? Look no further as this article reviews some of the best pretend toys for 3-year-olds plus.

ToyVelt Pretend Play Construction Kit

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ToyVelt Construction Kit is a compact toolbox that converts into a workbench which saves space when not in use. It features 68 pieces of realistic tools that your child would need to build and repair like a pro. These tools include nuts and screws, hammer, saw, electronic drill, wrench, etc. The electronic drill requires batteries and they are included in the set.

When converted, the toolbox reveals sturdy workbench legs which firmly keeps the bench in place as your child works. There are also handy hooks within the box to keep the tools in place. Your kid can carry the convertible tool box from one place to another without damaging any parts or losing any of the tools; thus enabling your kid’s creativity wherever they go.

This helps develop your kid’s coordination abilities, improve their motor skills as well as their imaginative skills. This is not only a play kitchen for boys only, little girls can use it too.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Classic Counting Toy

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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Classic Counting Toy consists of a solar powered calculator, a cash register that can hold life-size money, 40 plastic coins, 30 play bills, credit card and a handy note pad. In total, there are 73 accessories that make up this cool and classic counting toy.

The solar powered calculator enables you save up on batteries. In addition, it has big buttons which are perfect for little fingers to press and an LCD screen which is easy for your kid to see and read out the figures. The cash register makes a realistic “cha-ching” sound when opened.

The toy as a whole is sturdily and durably constructed which will still work perfectly for your kids in years to come. This counting toy from Learning Resources serves as a great introduction to mathematics, counting and spending, whilst still having fun.

Battat Pretend Play Kitchen and Food Set

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The Battat Kitchen and Food Toyset features a large collection of real-looking fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be arranged in the included shopping basket.

There are 37 accessories in total including 16 different fruits and vegetables which are; an apple, a banana., a carrot, as corn on the cob, a cucumber, a bunch of grapes, a kiwi, a mushroom, an onion, an orange, a pear, a potato, a bell pepper, a strawberry, a tomato, and a watermelon.

In addition, there are two cutting boards and two knives included in the set. The fruits and veggies are made of durable plastic, same with the knives and boards which makes it quite safe for your kids to have fun with. With this set, your kids can pretend to go shopping, cook a sumptuous meal, and serve you breakfast, lunch or dinner.

JaxoJoy Pretend Play Cooking and Baking Set

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JaxoJoy Pretend Play Cooking And Baking Set is the ideal choice for enlightening your kids about the world of cooking. The set includes an apron, a chef hat, oven mittens, gloves, a wooden spoon, a rolling pin, a whisk and four cookie cutters.

The apron has an extra-long strap that make it easy to tie around your kids neck and waist. In addition, there is a convenient pocket on the apron to keep some accessories. The chef hat has an adjustable elastic band that makes it fit any kids head properly. Both the hat and apron are made of quality fabric with reinforced edges plus they are machine washable.

The cooking utensils are efficient and can actually be used to cook and bake in real life. Purchase this toy to create the best opportunity for your kids to become adventurous in the kitchen.

Click N’ Play Pretend Purse

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Click N’ Play Pretend Purse is made up of a complete set of adorable accessories similar to those found in a typical mother’s purse. In addition to the decorative purse, there is a lipstick, a hairbrush, blush with applicator, a brush, car keys, and a real-looking smartphone.

The purse has two carrying handles and a zipper for closing which safe keeps all the items and accessories within the purse. The phone and car keys make realistic sounds and lights that are powered by LR44 button batteries. These batteries are not included in the set and they are not common-sized batteries.

This purse is great for roleplaying as well as helpful in developing your kid’s imaginary cognitive skills.

Play22 Kids Vacuum Cleaner Toy

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Play22 Kids Vacuum Cleaner Toy operates like a realistic vacuum cleaner with the right sound and light effects. It is just the right size for your 3-year-old kid and perfect for educating your kid on the importance of cleanliness.

The plastic vacuum cleaner gives of realistic vacuum sounds, fun kiddie’s music, and colourful lights. The light and sound effect are battery powered but the batteries do not come with the set. There is also a ball popping action just like a real life vacuum cleaner.

The bottom wheel of the cleaner is moveable, so your kid can run all over the house as he/she carries out cleaning duties. The toy is pretty easy to assemble; all you have to do is snap the top handle but the battery compartment requires a screwdriver. Walking kids can have endless fun with this cleaner and at the same time eliminates the fear they may have, of vacuum cleaners.

Feroxo Pretend Play Food and Kitchen Set

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Feroxo Pretend Play Food And Kitchen Set has 40 pieces of accessories including different fruits and vegetables as well as plates, a cutting board, a child safe cutting knife, a 6-piece pizza, and so on. They are all vibrantly coloured and made of high quality plastic that is durable, safe, washable and crush resistant.

The fruits and vegetables are neither too small to be swallowed or choked on, nor too large; they are just right for a 3 year olds hand. Whenever your kid cuts the fruit or veggies with the knife, there is a realistic sound that is satisfying to hear. There is a box included in the set to store all the kitchen accessories when not in use.

With Feroxo Food and Kitchen Set, your kid is able to identify various fruits and vegetables. Plus, their mind, creativity, and thinking abilities are developed as they constantly play.


After going through this article, you are sure to discover the best pretend toy that suits your three-year-old. He/she can play with any of the above playsets alone or they could share the fun with their friends and family.

Included in all the playsets, right from the food and kitchen set, to the vacuum cleaner set to the pretend mum purse playset to the counting set to the cooking and baking set, and lastly, to the construction kit; are various fun accessories for your kids to enjoy.



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