Here are the Best Swing Sets for 5 to 10 Year Olds

Here are the Best Swing Sets for 5 to 10 Year Olds

Swing sets are play structures that every child needs and they are ideal additions to a child’s playground. Swings are great in engaging kids in hours of active play and may help to disconnect them from electronics.

There are various swing sets that are meant for different age groups. A 3-year-old kid can’t be comfortable using a 5-year-old swing and vice versa. So you have to be extra careful when looking for the right one for your kid.

This article is a detailed list of 7 thoughtfully designed swing sets that are perfect for children of ages 5 to 10.

Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing Set

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Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing Set is expertly designed to improve a child’s agility and strength. Children can safely stand on this swing without fear of falling as it is manufactured with reinforced materials.

The set consists of a swing platform, v-hangers, 78 inches’ chain, plain washers, nuts, lock nut and a detailed instruction manual. The swing movement helps build balance and stamina while still providing hours of fun to your kid. The base of the swing is a square-ish platform, and has foot shaped dents which keeps your kid’s feet secure as he/she swings.

Furthermore, it has a weight capacity of 115 pounds and can easily be put up on most play sets with the necessary tools for installation included. Though for assembly, a tape measure, a wrench and a 13mm socket are required, but are not included in the set. Note that this swing set can only be used outdoors.

Sorbus Spinner Swing

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Sorbus Spinner Swing is a net style swing with a heavy duty solid mesh seat, steel tube foam padded frame and attached hanging ropes. This structure can hold up to 220 pounds without disconnecting the ropes.

It has enough room for up to three kids to spin, bounce, twist and have an endless fun time. Not only can your kid have fun with this swing, but it also provides a great spot to read and relax. You can hang this set indoors or mount on a tree in your backyard, with its sturdy ropes that keeps the swing solidly in place.

It is quite easy to install as the package includes the swing parts, assembly hardware and the needed instructions. This spinner swing is a fun set to add to your backyard or a roomy space in your home, to keep your kid occupied during after-school time.

Deluxe Platform Hanging Tree Swing

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Deluxe Platform Hanging Tree Swing is an extra-large and comfortable platform swing that is strong enough for up to two kids to play and swing. The set includes a solid padded steel frame with a similarly solid rope and a nylon rope seat.

The frame comes in four pieces that are put together to form the base. The padded frame prevents scratches or injuries to your kids as they dangle their legs while swinging. The platform measures 40 inches by 30 inches and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

Your kid can stand or sit on the swing comfortably as its frame is thick and provides maximum support. Assembly is no big deal but the hanging hardware of this set is not included in the package. Let your kids have an active fun time with the versatile Deluxe Platform Hanging Tree Swing, both indoors and outdoors.

Swurfer Kick Stand Up Surfing Tree Swing

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Swurfer Kick Stand Up Surfing Tree Swing is not your regular outdoor tree swing. It is constructed in such a creative way that your kid can hold on to the handles and gently sway from side to side or use their legs to move higher into the air.

The platform is made of durable plastic and is strong enough to hold up to 150 pounds of weight. The rubber grip handles can be adjusted to suit any size and the attached mildew resistant rope allows the swing to be hung from a tree or swing set as high as 10 feet.

Your kid can stand or sit on the swing outdoors and the swing can also be carried along during camping, picnics, hiking or road trips. The package comes with all the necessary equipment as well as an illustrated instruction manual which is quite easy to follow.

Swing-N-Slide Dual Glider Swing

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Swing-N-Slide Dual Glider Swing is a 2-person swing that encourages teamwork and builds social skills for your kid. The dual swinger features a three-piece glider swing, four 60 inches’ chain, hardware, and illustrated instructions.

Furthermore, the 60 inches’ plastisol coated chains which is attached to the heavy duty plastic structure, does not cause scratches. Constructed in such a way that two kids sit back to back on it and hold on to the rubber handles facing them as they swing.

Though a kid can ride it on his/her own but it’s more fun for two. The swing weighs 20 pounds but can carry the weight of 150 pounds without dismantling. It can be easily attached to a glider bracket which does not come with the package and can only be used outdoors.

Sunnyglade 2PCs Swing Sets

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Sunnyglade 2PCs Swing Sets is a perfect choice to add to your backyard playground. It is made of high-quality materials that are dependable and can last for a long time.

The two zinc-plated chains of swing set are 66 inches long each and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. 30 inches out of the 66 inches is covered with thermoplastic which protects your kids from harm caused by the chain and also keeps the chain in a good condition for years of fun.

The swing seat is made of EVA plastic material which is soft, strong and comfortable to sit on. The non-slip designs of the swing make it easy to clean and perfect for outdoor activities as it is water-resistant. It can be hung easily from a beam or tree with its 4 equipped snap hooks for easier suspension.

Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Set

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Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Set is a uniquely constructed swing set that allows your kid to swing uprightly or upside down. It comes fully assembled with the swing set trapeze bars, triangular plastic rings, and adjustable plastic coated chains.

The rings are attached below the swing bar with a reinforced metal inserter. As your child swings upside down, he/she holds on to the rings for support. It is heavy enough to carry about 300 pounds of weight and will still last for a long time to come.

The use of swing hangers is highly recommendable for the jungle gym to be attached to. This is because swing hangers enable the swings to move back and forth easily without friction. Unlike using a stationary fixture that may cause metal on metal friction.

Note that the Jungle Gym Kingdom Swing Hangers are sold separately, they do not come with this package. Your kid is sure to have lots of fun with this swing set as it provides varieties of options to play.


All the swing sets listed above are strongly constructed to withhold the weight of a 5-10-year-old child. Even if a child stands on any of the swings or sits, the swing sets still remain as they are.

Swing sets can be used by one child or multiple children; depending on your preference. Though it is more fun for your kid to use a multiplayer swing set. This is because your kid’s interaction skills develop as they engage in plays and social activities with other children.

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