Best Play Kitchen Set for Boys

Best Play Kitchen Set for Boys

There is no doubt kids’ kitchens are some of the most gender-neutral toys you will come across.

Though if you’re looking to buy a toy cooking set for a boy, there are playsets that are designed to give fuller role-play to boys.

It may be through an addition of a boyish feature to the toyset by the manufacturer. Or the design itself can be based on a famous boys’ character.

Here are some of the best play kitchens for boys in 2022:

Step2 Contemporary Chef Kitchen

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You can help your boy fulfill his dream of becoming an imaginary world-famous chef by getting him one of these premium kitchens from Step2.

Its on-point lights and sounds features make it a perfect gift for boys, especially 2 to 4-year-olds.

The Contemporary Chef mimics the real kitchen in so many ways. The colorful backsplash and the brick styling of the lower parts are just some of the thoughtful details that will encourage creative play in kids.

There is a section where the little ones can feed their stuffed animals for extra fun.

One important addition to this toyset is the single-serve coffee maker that comes with 3 pods so your boy can brew cups of hot cocoa for daddy and mommy.

As compact as it looks, the toy comes with enough storage for kids to keep the pretend accessories.

Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kid’s Wooden Toyset

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The Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kid’s Wooden Playset is an excellent cookhouse for 2-4 years boys, though older kids will still enjoy role-playing on it.

Its simple solid-wood design will ensure it survives anything thrown at it. It even comes with real-looking wooden accessories for extra imaginative play.

Unlike many other big toys, setting up or dismantling this beautiful set is a walk in the park.

The only minus you may think of is the lack of bells and whistles. But the Creative Cookery Club cooking set makes up for that in other areas.

If you prefer your child’s kitchen to just do the work with no paraphernalia or flashy look, then this is it.

The toyset, including the pretend foods and other accessories, offer your kids a great way to create unlimited make-believe situations.

Teamson Kids Little Chef Florence Classic Playset

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Child-size play kitchens can definitely add to the aesthetic look of your home.

Whether you place them in your kid’s playroom, the living room or near your own cooking area, they’re always a beauty to behold.

One cooking toyset that easily blends into the existing decoration anywhere you decide to place it is the Teamson Kids Little Chef Florence Classic Playset.

The set comes with some of the best play kitchen accessories and appliances to meet all your child’s roleplay needs. And its compact design ensures it will only take up a small space in the room.

Being a wooden toyset, you may think the weight is an issue especially if there would be a need to move it around the house. But this is made with a combination of MDF and plastic so weighs less than a lot of wooden kitchens out there.

Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen

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It’s in the general nature of kids to explore. And boys always seem to take that nature a step further.

A kitchen like the Little Tikes Ultimate Cook set will help the exploring side of your kid the more through the exciting features it comes with.

Front and back, the playset offers a truckload of benefits from imaginative play. The extended counter space gives toddlers the option to re-create their favorite recipes exactly the way they see moms do.

The thoughtful design ensures you won’t have to worry about where your kid will store the 38-piece accessory set that ships with the toyset, or the extras you will definitely be buying for total fun. Adequate storage is available all over the set.

The Ultimate Cook set is interactive – the microwave, oven, and fridge doors open, knobs “click” and the burner makes a cooking noise. There is a cappuccino maker as added fun especially for your son whenever he’s trying to be like daddy.

Step2 Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

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Sometimes, you don’t need a gender-specific toy but one that will appeal to both sexes.

If you want a boy’s kitchen set that will also cater to your girl as well. Or if you always have other kids around the home and you want something that will serve the majority of them at once, then you need a good multi-user toy cooking set.

It’s only a few toy cookhouse that does better in that aspect than the Step2 Grand Walk-In playset. Its cabin-like feature takes pretend play to a new level.

Multiple sets of kids can enjoy this set without ‘clashing’ with one another. Thanks to the extra playing stations – grill section, eat-in station, and the sink area.

It is highly interactive with lights and sound features, and ships with a massive 103-piece “zero-dull-moment” accessory set.

Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant-Red

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Only a few kids can complain about this expandable cooking set from the world-famous Little Tikes. Its restaurant-based design will ensure your child gets unlimited fun. It comes with a whole lot of pretend play features that your kids suffer not any dull moment.

The Amazon-exclusive playset caters to multiple kids at once and reduces frustration for you when you have other kids around the home. It comes with a small number of pretend accessories so your kid can start role-play straightaway.

Though it only comes with limited bells and whistles, the realistic steam that emanates from the panini maker is a hit with any child.



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