10 Role-Playing Kitchens that will appeal to Little Girls

10 Role-Playing Kitchens that will appeal to Little Girls

Most play kitchens are meant to be used by both genders. Some sets, however, are designed with girls in mind through the addition of one or two unique features.

One way parents decide the set to buy for their girls is by looking at the color. Pink sets usually end up with girls.

Parents may also look for a feature that girls will enjoy playing with. For example, toy cookhouses that come with attachments or seats for dolls are generally sourced for girls. Sets like these will afford girls extra play opportunities to tend to their dolls or stuffed animals while playing with the set.

Just so you know, kids of both gender will have great fun playing with any toy kitchen, whatever the color, the design or the material.

If you’re looking for a specific playset with girlish features, here are the top ones :

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

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This 3-piece playset introduces your 3 to 5-year-old girl child and her friends to creativity and imaginative play.

She is able to blend a cup o’ joe with the realistic-looking Keurig style instant coffee maker. And even flesh-out her imagination by making fries or cooking food in the electronic stovetop.

The flame-like lights in the two burners coupled with the integrated sizzling/bubbling sound of the cooking utensils will stimulate positive role-playing in her.

Right from the storage space, she picks varieties of ready vegetables/foodstuffs toys, bakes or heats them in the oven or freeze them in the mini-fridge. Cleaning up is done in the swivel sink.

The included play-phone for taking orders from friends secures a restaurant feel and will help in social skills and communication development.

And if you want a play kitchen for a 2 year old, the Fun with Friends set will do.

Assembling this toy is easy, especially when you have an electric screw gun.

Just Play 89371 Minnie’s Happy Helpers Brunch Café

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Whether your girl is a fan of Minnie Mouse and her friends or not, she’ll surely be awestruck with the Just Play Minnie’s Happy Helpers Brunch Café Kitchen

Everything about this playset screams of good taste. It’s well designed to thrill kids throughout their formative years. Your baby girl will always have something to do on the playset.

The Minnie’s Happy Helper toyset comes with lots of exciting features. A highly-interactive set with lights and sounds features powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

Other features that have turned the playset to a hit among parents and kids alike are the spinning waffle-maker, the coffee that disappears from the pot as you pour and a realistic cereal-dispensing machine.

It also ships with many iconic Disney-themed accessories that most kids will instantly recognize.

Toy Chef 2-in1 Travel Suitcase Kitchen Set

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Looking for kids chef set under $30 for your toddler?

The Toy Chef 2-in-1 Travel playset is an all-inclusive engaging pretend-play toy kitchen for your 2 to 3-year-olds.

It comes with colorful pretend foods, eggs, vegetables, and fruits which can help with a child’s food recognition.

It also comes with a complete set of serving plates, cups, and cutleries which are made with BPA-free non-toxic plastic.

There is an egg-frying pan and also a pot for cooking on the sticker-marked stove.

Overall, this is a less realistic set but it’s the most ideal to travel with, thanks to the conversion option to wheeled travel luggage. The wheeled travel luggage option is another way to developing your girl’s motor skills.

Assembly is hassle-free.

Little Tikes Kitchen and Restaurant

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Want an even intuitive design at the fraction of the cost?

Go for the Little Tikes Kitchen and Restaurant. This is a perfect toy set for 4 to 7-year-old girls.

The toy cooking set is made to last with durable plastic material.

Let your kiddies begin the fun by making steaks on the Gianni grill that sizzles when water spills in it.

A full set of utensils: plates, cutleries, cups, and pots come is delivered with this package. The oven door is interactive and easy to reach for even toddlers.

Kids can engage the cooker’s heat control knobs, adjust the burner’s artificial flame, and serve the food when ready over the restaurant space.

All food accessories are available in the fridge ready to be served after cooking in the microwave while friends wait, sitting on the restaurant’s plastic chair.

The toyset can be adjusted between 90° and 180°.

KidKraft Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

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If your child already has a set of accessories already, the KidKraft Retro Set will put them to good use with a combination of a separated wooden kitchen and refrigerator.

Made especially for beginners, this design introduces your 3 to 6-year-old to realistic cooking activities.

The oven provides enough space for dual cooking at a time with intuitive regulator knobs around the countertop. Your girls will find the doors easy to open and close to the fridge, freezer, and storage space. The click and turn sound coupled with the realistic burner design put the little ones in the know.

Finally, though this doesn’t come with accessories, KidKraft retro 53160 is safety-wise with the deepest dishwasher on the market for girls with no experience playing with kitchen toys.

Rainbow Sophia Timeless Kids Toyset

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It won’t be nice to end the list of the best pretend cooking toys for girls without mentioning the elegantly-built Rainbow Sophia Timeless playset which comes in white sleek painting.

This design features all the nitty-gritty without the needed food accessories.

It is one of the best wooden kitchen playset for your 1-4-year-olds. The water dispensing feature has a dedicated pink cup for water and juice.

Open the storage space to 2 cooking pots to be used in the oven or on the silver wooden burner.

Each of the 4 control knobs clicks at different levels of adjustments, engaging your child’s creativity. It features a fair number of accessories which include a fruit juicer and a side telephone which your girl can use as a play means of communication from the toyset.

KidKraft Disney Jr. Minnie Mouse Toddler Kitchen

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If you want a small toy kitchen for a 2-year-old girl, one with minimal distractions (no bells and whistles) and one that can fit a small space then you should definitely consider the Disney Jr. Minnie Mouse Toddler Playset from KidKraft.

And don’t let the minimalistic description discourage you, the playset is still a valid make-believe kit for kids.

Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Marvelous Microwave Set

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This is not a complete playset to say but it can help you turn a regular cooking toy to ‘girlish’ in a minute. It doesn’t matter if the toyset already has a microwave or not. Placing this one on top of any child’s kitchen will make your girl fall in love.

Disney Minnie Mouse Cooking Playset

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The Disney Minnie Mouse Cooking Set is another pretend accessory for kids’ cookhouses that you can use to make a set girlish.

There is not much to be said about this since it does all that it says it does.

Though the price is slightly on the high side, coming at a cost you can pay for some inexpensive complete kitchen sets.

This is made of high-quality materials. And the joy it will bring your girl will surpass any misgivings you might have had about the price.

The Minnie Mouse Cooking Play Set consists of a pot with clear lid, a rack for utensils, a Minnie Mouse-shaped frying pan and a colander

Buying play kitchen for girls: Things to keep in mind

If you’re bent on finding a playset your girl will love, then consider the following:


Think about the color your girl loves. Traditionally, it is pink but your girl may differ. You may also go for bright colors or a combination of primary colors which is usually a turn-on for kids.

Unique features

Look for nice features that kids cannot resist. A girl will normally like a playset that has an inbuilt section for her favorite doll or a pet-tending corner.

Favorite characters

If your kid love Minnie Mouse or any of the Disney princesses, then a play kitchen based on that will be a hit.




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