Toy Safety Tips For Toddlers

Toy Safety Tips For Toddlers

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The toddler stage is one of the most fascinating ones.

Toddlers want to do everything that you don’t want them to but want to do nothing that you actually want them to. They are naturally inquisitive and it is very tough to keep up with them.

One very important thing that parents must take note of is their toddler’s toys. Sure, you inspect carefully before purchasing and you can avoid dangerous-looking toys but do you know that even the safest toys could turn out dangerous for your toddler?

Here are some tips to ensure that your toddler’s toys are as safe as they can possibly be.

Go for washables

Toddlers will attempt to put every single thing in their mouth. Older kids may chew on toys like play foods too. This could become a problem if they keep falling to the ground and get rubbed around with their hands which touch a whole lot of other germ-filled items. When you buy washable toys, you can be assured that even if your kid tosses it in his mouth, it will not affect him as you would have washed it not too long ago. Washable toys are always smart ideas.

Avoid toys with lots of strings

This is a tip you must not forget. If a toy has a string that is long enough to go around your wrist twice or thrice, forget about it. It could end up around your child’s neck. It may seem far-fetched but there have been stories of children choking themselves with string from their own toys. A perfect example of such is a push and pull-along toy. Parents buy pull toys for their 1 to 3 year olds since it helps with gross motor skills. Remember to keep your child away from string generally.

Avoid Small Parts and Pieces

Get an empty toilet paper roll. If anything can pass through, it is a choking hazard. Do not choose items that are small enough to pass through because such items will also pass through your toddler’s mouth.

If you watch toddlers play with toys, their mouths are always go-to deposits for toys. Play safe and pick larger toys. But remember that large toys such as toy kitchen sets may come with small accessories. That is why many manufacturers only recommend such cooking playsets for older kids.

Always read the packages of toys. Usually, there is a minimum age. This means that they will state clearly that a particular toy is not for children of a particular age and below. No matter how good it looks, please adhere.

Avoid toys that can be taken apart

If a toy can be taken apart [not in the lego sense, think in the direction of a detachable car], be wary of it. Go for toys that are locked in place and have pieces that will not pop out no matter how hard they are tugged. Avoid dolls with removable body parts and accessories so that you will not end up having to take your toddler to the emergency room because a doll shoe is up her nose.

Don’t buy toys with sharp edges and points

This last point is quite given but is still very important. Anything with sharp edges should be frowned upon. When the word ‘sharp’ is used, people cast their minds to glass forgetting that even wooden and plastic toys can be sharp. Be careful when making the choice on toys.

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